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We were VERY excited to receive this testimonial!  We were in the beginning stages of promoting this site and Kim asked one of her brides to check out (after the wedding) just to get some feedback from a destination brides point of view and guess what!!! The ElopeNiagara Site was the site that cemented their decision to come to Niagara for their destination wedding!  We came to find out that every professional they used they were thrilled with!  Read on…..

angela and joeHi Kim I had actually visited the web site whilst organizing our wedding! We were especially interested in the same-sex couples page – as there aren’t many web sites which mention they cater for same sex couples (in fact one web site we visited mentioned that they specifically do not work with same sex couples!). So it was important for us to org anise our wedding working with professionals who were not just tolerant, but supportive and took as much care with us as with hetero couples to help celebrate our special day! So yes, the web site did help us consolidate our decision to come to Niagara, knowing we would be welcome!
The web site is ‘clean’ and not too cluttered, which makes it easier to navigate. The information for getting a marriage licence was spot on!
Here is our story: After a surprise proposal in Rome from my girlfriend, we looked into arranging our wedding.
We’re a female couple from London England and we wanted to get married, not just civilly partnered in the UK. But we discovered only a handful of English speaking countries grant same sex marriages. Canada was our obvious choice (we were unfamiliar with South Africa and the US states seem to be able to overturn previous same sex marriage rulings). Niagara Falls was the perfect backdrop of our wedding ceremony, it is unique and picturesque. The area has great transport with a choice of two airports to fly into and there are plenty of things to do to cater for all ages groups.
When we arrived in Niagara, we soon discovered how friendly the people are and everyone was excited for us when they found out we were due to be married in their city! We received endless congratulations and really felt at home.
All of the professionals we worked with were absolutely amazing! We found that we receivedAngela and Joe prompt responses to our email enquiries within 24 hours, in most cases less! Nothing was too much trouble and all our ‘silly’ questions were answered. We had everything under control and even last minute requests were not a problem! We finalized our wedding flowers less than one week before our wedding! Our photographer was brilliant, she really put us at ease and the quality was superb! Same excellence goes for our vintage Rolls Royce & driver – he went the extra mile to give us a scenic tour of west Niagara & provided a free bottle of champagne for us to celebrate! Our make up artist and hairstylist were great, they did a brilliant job whilst we merrily gossiped away.
All the above contributed to perfecting our special day, making it a fun and memorable for all the right reasons! My in-laws were surprised that we were able to org anise everything without having to fly over to ‘scout out’ beforehand.
I highly recommend Niagara as Wedding destination Location! Cheers
Angela & Joe – September 9, 2009

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