Love is in the air {Elope Niagara Weddings}

Posted in: Elopement Wedding

It was a gorgeous fall day when Amanda and Chris arrived for their Niagara elopement wedding at the Little Log Chapel in Niagara. The couple brought their very best friends who acted as best man and maid of honour. The fall leaves were still on the ground creating a colorful isle for Amanda to walk down. This bride did not wish to be seen prior to the ceremony, so it was all arranged for the groom and best man to show up in their car first. We hid the groom away into the chapel awaiting the arrival of Amanda, who made her grand entrance with the gorgeous green dress. A perfect colour to compliment to the pine logs in our chapel. They included a beautiful sand ceremony to their service. The pouring of the sand represents that the grains can never be separated, just as the couples lives will always be entwined. Love is always in the air at our chapel. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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