Exciting ring ceremony idea for Niagara weddings at the little log chapel!

Ring ceremony.

A recent trend in destination wedding ceremonies is the ring warming ceremony. The idea is simple enough, the officiant makes an announcement prior to the start of the wedding to explain that the wedding bands will be passed around to each guest during the ceremony.

This takes place just prior to the ring exchange, guests are invited to hold the rings and silently offer a blessing or wish for the newlyweds, then pass them on to the next guest. Once everyone has had a turn, the rings are returned to the officiant for the official ring exchange.

This lovely gesture is perfect for destination and elopement style weddings as the more attendees at a larger wedding increases the risk of dropping the rings or a lengthy ceremony. You could also attach the rings to an object such as the ring bearer pillow or keep the rings in their jewellery box and pass that around to your guests to bless.

Adding a ring warming to your ceremony adds a touch of warmth and allows your guests to wish you well on your special day. Even if you only have 2 attendees at your ceremony, it brings everyone together and creates a lovely memory.

Here at Elope Niagara we offer this ceremony addition free of charge to any of our Niagara wedding packages!

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