Niagara Region Weddings! {Little Log Chapel}

In the Niagara Region, we are right in the middle of the wedding season! That’s right, there is an actual wedding season! It is a time where there are blushing brides, (some) groaning grooms and industry professionals are glowing!

For brides in the final weeks of preparation, the weeks to come are a good time to confirm the big details and make sure everything is in order.

For brides-to-be still in the initial planning stages, this is a great time to search for a photographer and follow their blogs to see all the weddings they have done, even if it is not the season of your choice. It allows you to assess the type of photography the photographer does, their style, editing skills and their unique camera eye.

It is also a good time to look at venues and discover what flowers are in season. If you have a venue that caters to local tastes such as the many locations in the Niagara region, it is a good time to have a sampling locally in the core of Niagara Falls or in the area of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Brides who are planning a wedding in a different season can also do this now and once more later. Who knows, perhaps you will change your mind as to when you would like to hold your wedding!

The season also marks a time where the Niagara Falls area will be in full tourism mode! This may be something future and brides-to-be may want to consider, especially as they plan where to have pictures taken, what attractions to take in and how to weave in and out of those crowds. There is a reason that Niagara Falls has a reputation of being the honeymoon capital of the world!

There is something very romantic about being in Niagara Falls. Regardless of the season, the aura of the water settles the mind, has calming effects and a positive energy flow. This is an important factor on your wedding day.

On the Canadian side, depending on the strength of the wind, there is a spray in the air from the rush of the falls. On hot summer days, it is refreshing and welcomed. Coincidentally, the falls are made up of three, the (Canadian) Horseshoe Falls, the American falls and the Bridal Veil Falls… it is almost symbolic in itself!

Weddings big or small, the Niagara region is becoming more and more popular as a wedding venue choice. It is not as glitzy as Las Vegas, but the romantic aspect makes it a top choice and serious consideration for destination weddings. Niagara Falls is redefining ‘elopement’ and how couples are looking to spend their day together without paying what can be, equivalent to a down payment on a house.

Imagine finishing off your wedding night with a unique and breathtaking moment, just the two of you, on the Sky-wheel, – fully enclosed, operating all year round and air conditioned (or heated) for the right level of coziness.

Follow our blog as we fill you in with the latest trends, redefining elopement, DIY ideas, and offbeat bride ideas that you won’t want to miss. Best of all, the Little Log Chapel and its all year round perfection for an intimate ceremony will complete your vision perfectly!

XOXO Kim & Kathy :)

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