How sweet it is! {Niagara Little Log Chapel}

We had the sweet pleasure of hosting the wedding of Sue and Jae who flew to Niagara Falls all the way from Seoul, Korea.

They stayed at Sues’ parents place in Toronto and were originally planning to find a justice of the peace for their nuptials. Sue said that she found our wedding chapel site and decided it was absolutely perfect (and of course we agree)!

We find that a lot of couples start planning a small wedding, and were thinking of a justice of the peace at first, not realizing there are other options for weddings in Niagara Falls. Our lovely little log chapel is a welcoming alternative to a judge’s chambers at a city hall.

Sue and her mom opted to wear traditional Korean wedding dresses in beautiful shades of pink! Sue and Jae met while going to school in Korea and dated for a short time when they realized they wanted to be together forever, they also knew they wanted family to be a part of the wedding as well.

Our professional videographer captured the whole wedding ceremony and creative footage of the couple during their photo session. Sue and Jae showed the video back at home at the reception that friends were hosting for them. This way everyone got to see and hear the vows. It’s a fantastic way to have your intimate wedding your way AND share the experience with friends and family too (have your cake and eat it too)!

Sue wrote to tell us that they “played the video at the reception and it was wonderful and that she really loved your photographs. Once again, I deeply express my gratitude for your and Kim’s co-works”.

We are happy they found our wedding chapel! Congratulations Sue and Jae.

XOXO Kathy & Kim

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