Button Bouquet & Boutonnière {Niagara Wedding for Mississauga Couple}

Jared arrived at our little wedding chapel in his “oh-so-funky” wedding attire. The black sneakers, the boutonnière made of buttons, the suit, and the whole style was so cool! Then Stephanie arrived with their daughter in the limo and they all had matching sneakers, funky colors, and a bouquet made of buttons too, it was so much fun!

The artists describe themselves as “off beat” and wanted a non-traditional wedding as they never follow the crowd, and haven’t since they met in high school in grade 9.

Their wedding plans were no exception:

~Sneakers instead of dress shoes/heels

~Buttons Instead of flowers

~Black instead of white

They made their wedding their own style and included their daughter in the ceremony with a special ring just for her.

Stephanie made the bouquet & boutonnière herself! Some of the buttons were new and a lot of them were from her grandmothers’ button collection spanning from the 1930s-80s. In the picture with the rings you will notice one blue button on the bouquet, that was her something blue!

Stephanie told us they started dating when they were 17 and described Jared as “my high school sweetheart & my prom date too.”

Jared proposed in the most creative way. He laid little love notes down on the ground in a trail. Each note started with a large capital letter (W-I-L-L  Y-O-U etc…). The trail ended at the bedroom door. When she opened the door he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand!

They were having the most impossible time trying to plan a wedding in Mississauga. Nothing fit their style or budget. They planned and replanned and nothing made them happy. Starting to panic when their year hit (as they had always planned on the year 2013 for their wedding), it finally dawned on them… we love Niagara Falls!!

They usually come to Niagara once a year as their daughter Izzy loves the waterpark. “Niagara makes us think of good family times and relaxation and Elope Niagara had everything we wanted in the valentine package and any add-on we made didn’t cost an arm and a leg!”

We are happy Stephanie, Jared and Izzy found our little log chapel too!

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