Two souls become one! { Niagara Little Log Chapel themed wedding }


“All Hallows’ Eve, as the veil lifts between Heaven and Earth and the door to all time is opened” – Deb Vaughn.

Wind blew the restless leaves, and the sky was dreary with a threat of rain. The ghoulish creatures hung from the trees strung with cobwebs and spiders. Most people would not think that October 31 is the perfect day for a wedding, BUT it most certainly is with one dash of creativity and a little sense of adventure. The day where the spirits walk and the ghosts give you a boo! Halloween is not just for kids, we at Elope Niagara has a blast decorating the little log chapel for our Halloween themed weddings! We were ready to greet our wedding guests, Melissa & Jeff. Come if they dare to our spookified chapel Muahahaha.

Their story: On an unplanned evening, Melissa met Jeff through Jeff’s cousin Stephanie (maid of honour). They talked all evening, quickly becoming best friends. It was an instant spark, and they always knew they would share precious vows one day, possibly even on the most spookiest day of the year! Halloween was always their favourite holiday, and 2013 was the perfect year to do it. Melissa is a firm believer in the saying, “everything happens for a reason” and when she found the little log chapel, she knew it was PERFECT for her wedding. She loved the serene surroundings and the 100 year old trees nestled along beautiful Black Creek.

Being Halloween, the couple jumped at the change to have Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas be a part of their wedding. Till Death Do Us Part was the theme of the day. Jack Skellington walked Melissa down the pumpkin lined aisle towards her groom as the couples’ “Day of the Dead” witnesses waited with anticipation.

The vows were customized and laced with Halloween and gothic style verbiage by our officiant Rev. Deb and the music was chosen by Melissa and Jeff too. “All you need is love” by the Beatles rang out during the signing of the register as their beautiful baby girl, Raven looked on from the custom painted antique buggy cushioned with red velvet!

Congratulations Melissa, Jeff and Raven. May your jack-o-lanterns smile eternally, all your cats be black, your loot bags filled with goodies and your corn be candied.

Cake pops by “Candy by Katie”. Cake & cupcakes by “Sweet Art by Elizabeth”.

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