A meteorite ring for a Niagara Falls Wedding


Beth and Andrew were married at our little chapel in Niagara on November 23rd, 2013. They wrote and told us “we had such a great time and would do it all over again just the same; you were all so great to meet. Oh my goodness the pictures are just beautiful.”

Beth told us a bit about how they decided to get married in Niagara Falls at our little log chapel: The couple met in high school when she was 14 and he was 16 but did not start dating until four years later. Andrew doesn’t like this story, but while he was away at college a mutual friend gave Andrew Beth’s cell number. He texted to say hello one night. She responded and naturally asked “who is this” as it was a strange number. He responded “the man of your dreams” and they literally have not stopped talking since. (I guess he knew what he was talking about.)

When Andrew decided to ask Beth to marry him, he enlisted their two year old son to help with the proposal. He told Colton he had a present for Mommy, when Colton came out with the ring…of course he wanted to keep it. Beth told us “we have since established that it is not his (haha)”.

A few years ago Beth and Andrew vacationed in Niagara Falls and had such a great time. When they started looking into eloping they looked into places like Vegas and beach venues but nothing felt right to them. Beth told us “when we stumbled onto the log chapel it felt natural; it was more our style.”

Andrew is an astronomy buff and since the couple is not very traditional, they wanted something different for his ring. His wedding band was handmade from a meteorite that fell in western Africa over 4 billion years ago. It is from an asteroid formed at the birth of our Solar System, and has unique crystalline patterns caused by the extremely slow cooling of the material in space.

Congratulations Beth and Andrew, we loved hosting your chapel wedding in Niagara Falls.






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