The tale of the blue shirt and the green shirt


Blue and Green!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there were 2 girls who met by chance and became friends.
Each had their own fashion style and favourite clothes.
They both loved to shop.
They both loved to buy new things.
They both loved to wear different styles.
They both loved the color pink!
They became very good friends and they both grew up to become professional photographers and ran their own businesses.

The 2 girls were having coffee one day, talking about shooting weddings and one friend made a remark that she had a favourite shirt to wear. It was very comfortable and made of breathable material during warm weather. The sleeves were not too long and it didn’t need to be tucked in.
She remarked at how she wears it all the time!
“Me too” exclaimed the other friend. “I have a favourite shirt too and I wear it all the time”. It doesn’t un-tuck when reaching for equipment, it is loose enough to look good but is comfortable and stylish.
“Mine too” said the 1st girl, who revealed that she wears her shirt so often and doesn’t want people to think it is the only shirt she has. So when working with clients, she makes a note about whether she wore her favourite shirt, so as not to have it on again when seeing them next time.
“Me too” said the friend. “I do the same thing!”
“What colour is your shirt?” “GREEN”
“What colour is yours?” “BLUE”

And so the years went by, both friends continued to shop and buy new shirts but could never again find as perfect a garment as the blue shirt and the green shirt. The friends entered into a partnership and built the gorgeous little log chapel together (with their husbands of course, but they did not wear the green shirt and the blue shirt while building the chapel).

After countless gatherings, the girls would arrive at the chapel to greet and photograph the wedding couples, one wearing the green shirt and the other with the blue shirt. In photos of the girls for their website and other promotional material, there was the blue shirt and the green shirt. When meeting with clients, web designers, seminars, the green shirt and the blue shirt were always there.

What to do, what to do? The girls were very worried about people thinking they were obsessed with or only owned one shirt each! And so it is official, the tale has now been told! The blue shirt and the green shirt story is OUT of the closet! The tale is now known by all. These shirts are timeless, outlasting all the fashion trends, weight gains and losses, and too many laundry days to count. They have survived the test of time, just as the friendship of the 2 girls and the shirts are here to stay! So if you by chance meet either of the girls from this tale and one is wearing a blue shirt and one a green shirt, you can say “hey nice shirt”.

The girls then thought it would be cute to avatar themselves, and create a little caricature. Notice any special shirts in the scene below 😉

Kim & Kathy

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