A chapel baby is on the way!


A new little addition is joining our chapel team!

One of life’s most wondrous events is going to happen in our world.  This is going to be a warm and fuzzy blog post from one chapel girl to the other two :) One of the chapel girls is expecting and we all couldn’t be more excited! Ashley is our administrative assistant and has been an amazing addition to our chapel world.

When Kathy and I made the decision to build our dream little log chapel we had high hopes and expectations, but never dreamed how wonderful running this business could be. We absolutely love working with each and every couple that choose our chapel for their intimate wedding experience. It sounds cliché, but we are genuinely happy to be fulfilling so many couples wedding dreams and at the same time fulfilling our own dreams! (Honestly)

We worked very hard as professional photographers on our craft and businesses for countless years and when we decided to concentrate our energies on the wedding chapel we had no idea what to expect. We of course knew that couples would love the rustic, private setting and the gorgeous log chapel as much as we did, but we didn’t stop to think about anything else.

We didn’t know that we would make some new friends in different countries that we are thrilled to keep in touch with and may even visit one day! We didn’t know how we would enjoy creating lasting memories for each couple with unique poses and photography props and how much FUN we would have! We didn’t know we would be coming up against certain adversities that required a lot of compromise on both parts. We didn’t know how strong a team we actually are, or how much we would lean on each other for support individually. We didn’t know how hearing each couples love story would touch our hearts and how excited we would be to meet each and every one of them!

We didn’t know that we would get SO busy that we would need an office assistant, and that Kathy’s own lovely daughter Ashley, would be that absolutely PERFECT addition to our team


We didn’t know that we were going to become a grandmother and an “auntie” to a new baby! Ashley is pregnant with her first baby. She has had a couple rough months with morning sickness, but she is coming up to her 16th week and feeling a lot better.

Kathy, and I have been best friends since the age of 12. We have been in each other’s lives for the good times and the hard times, at each other’s’ weddings, and the birth of our children and watching them grow. We have celebrated so many occasions together and with our husbands.

Celebrating Ashley and Mario’s new arrival is going to be such a thrill and I feel so very lucky to have these women in my life! The new bundle of joy is due to arrive in November, 2014. We are counting the months to the new arrival…it will be a big surprise…either another chapel girl…or a little alter boy!! :)

Lots of love,

Auntie Kimmy

xoxoxox :)

These 2 photos below were taken sometime around 1989! All 3 of us enjoying a camp fire:


Baby is due in November, 2014:


This is how the couple announced their pregnancy to their family & friends, so cute:


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