The Niagara wedding experience

“What is your mission statement” our web designer asked. “Hmm…we really have to think about that as we have so many” we said. “You should have a mission statement on your site” said our web designer.

So we discussed in great detail what our mission for Elope Niagara should be, and that discussion turned to the experience that we strive to create for all of our couples.

Think about some of the most memorable experiences you have had in your life. Each day of your life is an experience. The good experiences are tucked away in a special part of your memory and you call upon them when in need of a smile. These experiences could include vacations, the birth of your children, anniversaries, celebrations, graduations, etc. What made these occasions so memorable? What made it such a great experience? Was it the sights, the smells, the feelings you had (anticipation, excitement, euphoria), the service you received, how everyone around you made you feel? Or was it a combination of everything to create an overall amazing experience to remember forever?

We gave this all-encompassing process a great deal of thought when we built our little log chapel and also when deciding on our packages and how we wanted to conduct our new business. There are a lot of places to get married in Niagara Falls – the city is still proud to be called the honeymoon capital of the world! Some of the places call themselves a chapel but in actuality are renovated hotel rooms or large churches.

We wanted to make our chapel an actual little building so that elopement couples didn’t feel “lost” inside a big church that holds 100 people or more and at the same time make it very special! Every single person who walks into our chapel is silent for a moment… then we hear the “oohs and aahs” and wonderful compliments on the chapels beauty.

When you pull into the driveway leading to the chapel you instantly feel you’ve been swept away to another place and time. you may have to slow down to let a rabbit cross the path, if you look closely in the surrounding woods you may see a deer and there’s definitely lots of squirrels and chipmunks playing nearby.

Here are the typical things we hear from each couple:
They love the smell of the pine
They love the logs
They love how cute it is
They love the chandelier
They love the mix of old and new shabby chic décor

Everyone feels that it is THEIR special place, THEIR little secret, THEIR sacred spot where their happy ever after started. We think that is very special.

Everyone loves the 100 year old trees hovering above the chapel. “It feels like I am a part of history here”, one bride shared with us. Everyone loves the rustic and private setting and the surrounding nature and creek is just so darned charming!

So many people have stopped us in our tracks whilst on their way back to their car or the limo to say, “The reviews were right, this is an amazing experience!”

I overheard Kathy describing to one of our couples, “We wanted to make this an amazing experience for everyone”. “YES” I thought inside, “YES YES YES”, that is exactly what we both hoped to do with this business. Its sounds cheesy but we genuinely want to create an amazing experience for each and every couple – a warm and wonderful experience to remember for a lifetime.

With that said, we found our mission statement:


We hope to see you at the little log chapel to share your wonderful wedding experience!








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