Tearful Vows { Same Sex Elopement Wedding }


“Lets get really really really old together”

We think this statement is a great addition to any set of vows! Our couple Nicole and Nicole (Nick & Shoney) wrote and read their own vows at their ceremony. Their heartfelt and comedic vows made for one of the most delightful and entertaining weddings that we have had at our chapel. Shoney is a College professor teaching criminology and sociology. Shoney has her doctorate and Nick is currently receiving her doctorate within a year. Nick and Shoney met at orientation for their masters degree program. Both were not looking for love but when you’re not looking that’s when love sneaks up on you. Shoney had just had ligament replacement surgery and was on crutches, and they bonded over a shared snack of peanut butter cups!

They are both very athletic and love to bike and run together. They have done marathons, half marathons, MS 150 bike charities, and tough mudders races. They love cooking, baking and of course, eating. Nick plays a mean air guitar and drums while Shoney is excellent at doing an Eddie Vedder impersonation. Nick only belts out her vocal talents on very very long car rides together. Nick enjoys reading her kindle every night while Shoney likes to interrupt her pleasure reads with witty puns found on the Internet. Overall this couple loves to laugh, play, and enjoy life together.

This is how one of the vows started to the other:

“You are my alarm clock, my personal trainer and motivator, my personal editor (and at times, my personal assistant), my tech help, my personal baker, and my best friend.”

Each one read something special and unique to the other. Along with the serious commitment promises, the vows were peppered with funny anecdotes of their lives together:

“I accept both the things that may change and things that I can and will not ever change about you. Because if I changed these things, you would not be the person I would want to marry. I accept the fact that you cannot multitask and sometimes are distracted by shiny objects. I accept that you will forever slurp your coffee.”

We laughed, cried, and clapped during this most moving ceremony. We were basically moved to tears of laughter. It was difficult to be quiet and not belt out a belly laugh.

“I accept you for who you have been, who you are today, and who you will become.”

“I know that you will always drink diet soda and as a result, I will find empty cans throughout the house.”

A spoonful of humour is the best medicine to cure so many issues and struggles a marriage may have to endure. One thing we are certain of is that this marriage will not be lacking a sense of humour!

“I love that after 9 years you are still the first person I want to see in the morning and the last person I want to see at night when I go to bed.” 

“I know you will always be the clearner one and I will continue to make an honest effort to match your standard of cleanliness.”

Nick & Shoney have been together for 10 years, and their enthusiasm arriving at our chapel was evident. They were so excited, so in love, so happy to finally be united as one and it was very contagious.

“When you are sick, I will always bring you popsicles, and if you fall asleep in the bathroom, Ill bring you a pillow (if I wake up!).”

“I promise to finish watching the Star Wars Trilogy and sincerely make an effort to understand it, maybe even harness “the force.”

“I promise to always share in your laughter and support you when times are tough”

This was a “throw in the towel” wedding for Elope Niagara. A throw in the towel wedding happens when a couple begins to plan the big wedding and is finding the stress of this big wedding to great and drops the big plans and goes for something on a smaller scale. As you can imagine, or have been through, big weddings can be very stressful due to financial reason, family disagreements, task overloading, etc. Sometimes, the pressure from a large scale wedding can take away from the true meaning of the wedding, and some couples choose to “throw in the towel” and elope in our beloved little log chapel. Nick & Shoney did just this!

“I accept that you will forever throw your clothes onto the floor and make piles for later clean up duty, hate doing the dishes, and beg for me to get you things like an Oreo cookie or another glass of water.” 

“I accept that you will forever do that walking in front of me and then suddenly stop so that I run into you at least once a shopping excursion.” 

“Although I am not perfect, in anyway, I promise to be sensitive and respectful of your unique talents, abilities and quirks. And to always love you for who you are.” 

“I will love you unconditionally, support you in your goals, honor and respect you.”

“As your forever partner, I sincerely look forward to continuing our journey and adventures together. Quite simply, you make loving you easy. I love you today, yesterday, ten years ago and many years ahead.”

Let’s get really, really, really, really old together!

Aww, how romantic, heartfelt and so comical! We loved being a part of this special day!

We were so very excited to host your wedding at Elope Niagara.
All the best ladies,

Kim, Kathy & Ashley







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