Paper Romance { The Secret Garden Wedding }


We had the pleasure of seeing the most unique, handmade bouquet the other day at a wedding at our little log chapel. Our bride arrived and carefully extracted her bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere from a box to get ready to walk down the aisle. To our surprise and utter delight we noticed that the bouquet was made of paper roses! How unique is that? Of course our curiosity got the best of us and the walk down the aisle was delayed for a few minutes while we praised and bombarded the bride with questions about this creative bouquet.

We learned that each rose in the bouquet was made from a page out of the book “The Secret Garden” (you may remember that “every little girl is a princess” is the story in the enchanted book and movie). Visions of luscious green English countryside swirled around our heads along with the ever optimistic girl in the story who was raised by a loving father who never let her forget that she was a princess.

Our lovely bride carried the charming bouquet (that was made by her best friend as a surprise) to meet her prince at the chapel. Adding to this charm was French text on the pages. Her friend painstakingly color stained some of the pages to create gorgeous muted shades of blue which we fell in love with right away and insisted on taking lots of photos with it! What an amazingly perfect wedding keepsake this will be for this couple.

It is very neat to see our couple’s creative and personal touches that they enhance their wedding with. Each of our couple’s is beautifully different, and each will have something very unique to add to their wedding. We get to have a close bond with our couples, where by the time they are ready to walk down the aisle we truly feel a friendship.

All the best Angela & Justin I hope the words from those pages touch your marriage for years to come.


If you are interested in contacting the creator of the paper bouquet, here is her info:

Michelle Beausejour:

Here is a link to her craft store directions if you would like to try yourself:






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