Love Rocks! { Simple Elopement Treasures }


“Once in a lifetime someone comes along…oh drat I forgot my glasses and can’t read it.” We all burst out laughing as one groom said this during his vows. The moment was funny and touching, and will be memorable for the years to come for the couple. Our groom had written his own personal message to say during the vows, and when the time came he couldn’t read his own notes!

“Once in a lifetime someone comes along who completes your life in every way…”, he recited from memory as best as he could and the sentiment was enjoyed and appreciated just as much, if not more than if it were read. The connection between these two was overwhelming. I just love when you get goose bumps during a ceremony because you can feel the love that they share emulate throughout your own body. I love getting teary eyed watching other people express their love to one another. It’s truly an amazing and gratifying job to witness such joy and emotion.

At the end of the ceremony, each groom gave the other a very special stone with the word love engraved on it. “WOW” we squealed with delight when we saw it. What a beautiful token of affection, a special keepsake to always remember their wedding day. Being photo enthusiasts, we had to photograph the special stone from every angle with the rings in different positions. We really go gaga for a new prop at the ceremonies.

This stone gesture got me thinking back to when I was a little girl, and my father had a fun and endearing stone collection. Everywhere we went, he would steal a rock or pebble from a restaurant landscape, the beach, a path and even from someone’s garden (tisk tisk). The real charm of his collection was not the variety of the stones, but that they were collected from across the world on his travels. If someone were going on a vacation or just to a new location, he would say, “bring me back a stone.” The naughty little secret was that the stones had to be stolen from a location, he wasn’t interested in a purchased stone from a tourist shop. I know that’s not a credible story to tell the world, that my dad loved to steal stones, but when I saw the rocks that this couple brought to their ceremony, it instantly brought me back to those moments of thieving rocks for my dad. Their little wedding gift to each other absolutely melted Kathy’s and my heart, as Kathy too, was close to my dad.

This token of love has our heads spinning with ideas. We thought it might be cool to have a collection of river rock stones near the chapel, and the couples can pick out a stone and write a special note on them to each other, and have a little keepsake of their time spent at the little log chapel at Elope Niagara. Just a notion for now, but we love when couples peak our interest with ideas that we can incorporate into the uniqueness of our chapel.








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