We Are All A Little Weird! { A Creative Elopement Wedding }


“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness…and call it love”. – Dr. Seuss

One wouldn’t expect to hear a Dr. Seuss quote during wedding vows, but this couple decided it was appropriate for their special day. They also brought props from the popular television show, “The Walking Dead” for their photo shoot. This wedding was full of laughter, fun and creativity! We really enjoyed sharing the afternoon with this couple.

Their relationship began as a small town woman, divorced with two grown children, a daughter in law, two granddaughters, two cats and two dogs. Add in a city man who has never been married, no kids and no pets. Add in a huge heaping of laughter and you have the recipe for total chaos of the very best kind.

This fun loving couple met years ago while playing a text based MUD online game called Age of the Throne. They talked off and on for a very long time, keeping a friendship going throughout the years. They lived very far apart from each other; Deanna lived in South Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico and Dan in Calgary. With the distance being so great, they never imagined they would one day meet face to face. When Deanna’s life changed drastically, she felt the need to spread her wings and fly, literally. She planned a trip, caught a plane and flew to Calgary to meet Dan.

The rest is history…however there was still the distance between them. They met, fell in love, and now were left with the distance dilemma. They decided to be creative with this issue. They would meet in Niagara on the Lake area a few times a year. In fact, they were in Niagara when Dan proposed to Deanna. So it was fitting to plan their wedding right here in Niagara as well.

You are probably wondering, how does “The Walking Dead” fit into their wedding? All 3 of us at Elope Niagara watch “The Walking Dead” so we were aware of the characters, Maggie & Glen. When Dan & Deanna pulled out bobble heads of the characters we instantly were so excited and intrigued. Dan explained that it was Deanna first started to watch the show was surprised to find herself hooked after the first episode. Deanna further explained that slowly Dan started watching it, and he grew to enjoy it as well; which is funny, because the same thing happened with our husbands.


Deanna and Dan say they have just always identified with Maggie and Glen in the show. They resemble the characters and that in spite of all the intense and crazy situations they have been put in, they have forged ahead and stayed together with a love that has grown greatly over time. Deanna says, “If they kill off Glen in the upcoming season (just like in the comic) you will hear my wail of heartbroken dismay all the way up there!”

After Deanna and Dan had decided to come to our Niagara chapel for their wedding, they spent time looking through the pictures on our website and Facebook page, and they read stories of other couples who personalized their weddings with props or special trinkets. They really wanted to come up with something to make their wedding unique. Deanna was in the bookstore one day and saw the Maggie & Glen bubbleheads and voila, she had found her quirky and unique prop to bring to Niagara.

“Dan and I love to laugh. We CAN be serious when we need to be, but life is too short to be serious all the time. I think that is something that will help us get through any tough times that life might toss our way. Almost everything can be gotten through with a sense of humor and a willingness to laugh. If we can manage to laugh through filling out all the paperwork for me to move to Canada so we can finally live in the same place, I think we can chuckle at almost anything!”

We couldn’t agree more! Laughter is the best medicine and we find ourselves lucky to be around so many happy people at our beloved little log wedding chapel here in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Kim, Kathy & Ashley



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