The Big Wedding vs. An Elopement Wedding { the STRESS factor }

“The last wedding was for everyone else – this one is for US!” A bride recently made this statement to us over the phone when she was booking her Niagara Elopement wedding and WOW did it ever resonate with us. We completely understand this sentiment after shooting literally 1000s of weddings in the Niagara Region over these last 25 years. Kathy and I have photographed all types of weddings, from a helicopter overlooking the Falls to a boat ride down the Niagara River. We have shot weddings at wineries, Bed and Breakfasts, family backyards and hotel rooms. The sizes of weddings always varied, from huge reception halls that hold 300 people to intimate elopement weddings with just a few people. We always gravitated towards these smaller weddings.

A very common theme always accompanied the larger weddings, the stress factor! Copious amounts of stress just seem to be a part of planning a big wedding. The wedding stress can bring out the worst in everyone, from the pointless arguments to handling everyones opinions. There are always too many people to try and appease. Some families have to deal with divorced parents, egos, likes and dislikes, and don’t forget the huge financial burden of this costly event. Boy oh boy, it just makes my head spin thinking about planning a big wedding.

We feel that a wedding is for the couple, it is about the two of them, their love, their laughter, their commitment – so why not plan your wedding how you want it to be, have your wedding, your way! No opinions, no silly fighting, just easy, enjoyable planning. Alas, do many couples have the luxury of actually feeling the day was just for them and they did it their way? If you talk to a couple in the midst of planning the big wedding, you might hear something like this:
“Well, we wanted to serve chicken for dinner but my mother-in-law insisted on roast beef.”
“I wanted a short dress and mother insisted I have a huge uncomfortable train.”
“We wanted to have only a best man and maid-of-honour but our siblings got upset, so now we have a big wedding party.”
“We wanted the ceremony to be outside but his father insisted we do it at his dark church.”

This doesn’t sound like the wedding was solely for the couple; all of these statements have someone else’s opinions sprinkled in.

Elope Niagara is in the process of creating a throwing in the towel package. We have helped countless couples plan their memorable elopement wedding at our cozy little chapel after they decided enough is enough with planning the big wedding. When the stress got too high and the wedding was no longer just for them, they throw the big wedding plans out the window and start to simply plan a smaller wedding. Essentially, they throw in the towel with the big wedding nonsense and have their wedding their way.

“It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” This is especially true when it comes to elopement weddings. Sometimes family and friends get upset when the couple announces that they are eloping or just having a small wedding. After the dust settles, these unhappy people will come around and share in the newlyweds joy. Most families even throw the couple a casual party afterwards to celebrate the nuptials.

We have a few strategies for eloping couples to include the family and friends that couldn’t be a part of their day. These tips still make your wedding day a positive and exciting experience to share with your friends and family afterwards:

1) Video: Hire our professional videographer to capture the entire ceremony and romantic photo session. You can invite your family over after you get back from your “weekend away” in Niagara Falls. Host a comfy setting at home where everyone can view your memories captured on video. You could even have champagne and snacks ready for your guests, an evening they will all remember. You can do this as many times as needed with each side of the family so everyone gets to feel special. If your family is throwing you a party after your elopement, you can play the video at this event, perhaps even put on your wedding outfits again.

2) Skype: You can Skype your ceremony right from our chapel live to your family back home. We help you set everything up. Of course your family and friends will need to know about the ceremony as to gather around their computer at the same time. This is a fun way for them to be a part of your wedding, yet the intimate elopement for you remains. You can hear each other and be able to speak to them, then say goodbye and enjoy the rest of your day!

3) Photos: We always take a variety of photos for you to choose from in your package. We aim to make your wedding at our chapel an amazing experience for everyone. We have fantastic photo pricing for extra photos. You can even create a custom photo book of your wedding photos to give as a gift to each set of parents. This small cost to you would drastically outweigh the cost of the big wedding and is a lovely keepsake. You could also post your images on your social media site as your elopement wedding announcement. This way all of your friends get to see you on your wedding day. You could also send out announcement cards through the mail by using one of your photos on the front. The options are endless!

With all said, picture yourself pulling in to our serene, private, natural setting feeling relaxed and excited to be marrying the one you love. You are not anxious, nervous or worried about what everyone else is doing or feeling. You look into each others eyes to say your vows and remarkably you actually remember what you said afterwards! You remember the sights and sounds of the surrounding nature while you say I do. All of the details are taken care of at Elope Niagara; you just have to show up! Our couples do not feel stressed, anxious or nervous about being judged or stumbling over your vows. You don’t have to worry about all the minute details of the day, it’s very casual and easy going, you just enjoy your day! You just have to show up and we will guide you through the next hour. Our cozy, charming little chapel will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you both. After you depart from Elope Niagara, the day is yours to enjoy, what will the two of you do? Possibly you will go out for a nice dinner, go see a show, go for a romantic walk or horse and buggy ride, Niagara has a lot to offer two people in love. Eloping to Niagara Falls is a beautiful way to share your love with that special someone.












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