What we didn’t expect to see so many really great styles of wedding shoes including:  winter boots, booties, rubber boots, moccasins and even bare feet.  We have had so many couples tell us that they were inspired by our Facebook photos of other couple’s footwear choices and wanted to do something unique as well.  This is just another one of the many wonderful and heartfelt surprises we have experienced meeting and working with all of the fun loving, creative couples that choose our little log wedding chapel here in Niagara.

Adele is one of our brides who totally blew us away and melted our hearts when she showed us her hand painted shoes. These gems were hidden away underneath her gorgeous dress and it was by accident when she lifted the train to walk that we noticed our own little log chapel painted on one of the toes!

The bride had painstakingly hand painted (among other milestones in their relationship) our wedding chapel right onto her shoes!  We were swooning over them.

“Can we use your tandem bicycle for our photos please? we are avid cyclists” asked Adele when she booked our chapel and then we saw the tandem bicycle theme included in her shoe paintings as well as on the groom’s handmade boutonniere. We were very impressed and of course everything was totally documented. We couldn’t stop taking photos of it all!

Thanks Adele and Adam for letting us be a part of your special day! We are really honoured that you chose our chapel as part of your love story.

Handcrafted painted shoes, by the bride of their relationship milestones

Handcrafted painted shoes, by the bride of their relationship milestones

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