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Many brides today embrace their ink and are choosing not to hide them for their wedding photos. We here at our wedding chapel in Niagara Falls are enjoying seeing all the amazing ink art and hearing the stories behind them as well.

Tattoos are everywhere and can be seen on all walks of life now. One in five US adults says they have a tattoo.

People get “inked” for so many different reasons.

Those who choose to sport a tattoo say it is more than preserving something for eternity and is much more than just an image of a pet or a family member. For many, it is about closure, and the permanence of the ink is helping to heal the emptiness left by the loss of a loved one. It is a celebration of the life and the comfort of feeling as though their loved ones will never really leave them.

Others say the tattoo is to remember an exceptionally special time or day in their lives (such as a wedding of course). We have enjoyed hearing the stories of couples who both got some ink done while in Niagara to celebrate the day they got married.  Some grooms cannot wear rings due to their line of work so will get a “Ring” tattooed on the 3rd finger of the left hand to ensure everyone knows their heart is taken!

Ink is simply another expression of an art from. Some choose graffiti to express their feelings while others create abstract paintings to sell for a handsome price. But all art in itself is a form of expression; music, movies, photographs, paintings, drawings, sketches and some choose to use their skin as their canvas.

One of our brides had a tattoo on her leg to celebrate how she found her true love. A small fish because they met on “plenty of fish” and she chose to put his initials and leaves are because they love the outdoors!

We at Elope Niagara believe that it’s your wedding day and you should have it your way! So be sure to share with us any ink you wish to have documented

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Every Tattoo tells a story.


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