The dress is Buffet proof and the bracelet is from Dollarama!

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niagara rustic wedding chapel


Today’s dream wedding post is about a lovely couple who mixed traditional with non-traditional style to make their day their own.  Althea and Ryan were travelling to Portugal for 2 weeks for a honeymoon and didn’t want to spend a lot of money or time planning a big stressful wedding. They wanted an intimate quiet wedding just the 2 of them and found our little log chapel.

“It was absolutely perfect for us” they explained when they booked their dream day.

Althea’s outfit was so charming and she had so much fun putting it together. The clutch bag and bling belt were borrowed from a male friend who had used them for his Liza Manelli Halloween costume once. We commented on how gorgeous the bracelet was, pearls and diamonds with some pink in it, “I got it at Dollarama” she snickered.  It was perfect for the outfit!

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Pink is the bride’s favourite color (as is ours) and everything was pulled together beautifully with the groom’s pink tie, shirt and socks!

They wanted one thing to be traditional and that was the fact they didn’t sleep together the night before, so they got separate rooms at the hotel and got ready separately that morning, choosing to see each other for the first time as a very special and intimate moment.

The bride is a wine sommelier and they both love 2 things about Niagara:

1)      The wine country

2)      The Casino buffet

So after the nuptials they headed directly to………the casino buffet for lunch!!  This is why the wedding dress had to be “buffet proof”


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