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A log cabin doesn't get much more romantic.

A log cabin doesn’t get much more romantic.

Are you a log home lover?

Do you have a craving to live in the country?

Come test drive a log cabin experience at Niagara’s ONLY little log wedding chapel for your wedding!

We hear this from couples all the time:
“A log home is our dream home”
“We’ve never been inside a log cabin and can’t wait”
“One day we want a log home so we are excited to start our married life by getting married in a log cabin”

The rustic charm of logs, the smell of pine and being among 100 year old trees all gel to create an amazing wedding experience.

Our custom built Little Log Chapel is truly a “One-of-a-kind”. The logs used to build the chapel are 100% Canadian grown and made. The wood flooring is over 60 years old and compliments the trim on the windows and around the pulpit. There is none like it anywhere in the world and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

Each and every person who walks through the antique door and enters our beloved log chapel has the same reactions. “Wow” “This is awesome” “It’s so cute” “Gorgeous” “love the smell” “very cozy”.

Everyone who pulls in from our 1/4 mile long driveway through the 200 ft tall trees exclaim “It’s just like being up North!” What a gorgeous location” and “This is beautiful”.

We don’t have perfectly manicured gardens as we let Mother Nature decorate for our weddings. The backdrop for your wedding photos was created by one of the glaciers from millions of years ago. The glacier was kind enough to carve out the pretty little creek that runs beside the chapel and we are very grateful for it!

So if you are looking for something intimate, unique and memorable for your wedding and are eloping to Niagara Falls, your log cabin wedding experience is just a phone call away!

This cozy log cabin holds the memories of love stories and history.

This cozy log cabin holds the memories of love stories and history.

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