“The Little Log Wedding Chapel, built with a lot of love”


Chapel build with love

Dreams do come true at our little log chapel – all year round

Oh my heart just melted when one of our brides greeted us with this statement. “I cried when I saw it, just now pulling in”. I got a tear in my eye as we walked towards the chapel.

“This chapel was built with a lot of love” I told her and it really was. We love it too, it was our dream to build it and it’s so thrilling to hear couples say it has made their wedding dreams come true as well.

Kathy and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old. We have been friends for so long and have a mutual love and respect for each other. Our husbands have become close friends through us as well and we all enjoy each others company. We have had so many good times and building the chapel was definitely up there with the best of them!

We cried too when it was completed (Kathy and I did anyway :) ). We all stood there in awe of our gorgeous little log chapel.

From a paper napkin drawing to its completion; it was an amazing journey.

We had absolutely no idea what to expect and we have been overwhelmed by the responses we have received.


“Exactly what we were looking for”

“Always wanted a log home”

“OMG it’s even more beautiful in person”

“I feel like I’m up north, it’s a totally different world here from the city”

“We will never forget this experience”

And…..”I cried when I saw it”

Thank-you! From the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has made our dream of owning a wedding chapel such an amazing reality.

Kim and Kathy

this is the best place, a chapel build with love in the middle of mother natures finest creations

Our Charming Little Log Chapel holds so many stories and so much love. History is made here.


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