5 ways to announce you eloped!

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Announcing your surprise elopement, can be just as fun as eloping, elopement is the way to go if you want an intimate wedding

There are so many cute & fun ways to announce your elopement

“It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”

We are not sure who said this but boy do we agree!  When applying this method of thinking to your elopement plans you will be able to have the intimate, memorable and romantic wedding of your dreams AND have fun letting everyone know afterwards.

At The Little Log Wedding Chapel we have been witness to countless numbers of couples who have thrown in the towel on a big stressful wedding (that was turning out to not be their own) and had their elopement wedding exactly as they had always planned and hoped for with nobody the wiser.

Planning such an intrigue is so romantic and charming.  It’s just you and your lover. The only 2 involved in the “secret” and it’s such a special and exciting secret too!

So…now that you have eloped, how to tell your family and friends?

Over the years we have found some really fun and creative ways to announce you eloped and remember: there will be enough people who are happy for you and excited by the news to overpower any negativity you may face from people who are upset you got married without them.

  1. Social Media: post a photo of you at your wedding on Facebook or Instagram or simply tweet “We eloped”. You’ll be sort of dropping the bomb and waiting for the reactions, but the reactions and comments will be fun to read.
  2. Video:  Hire a professional videographer to film the ceremony. When you are home from your getaway elopement (which everyone thinks was just a vacation) invite friends and family over to watch the video of your “vacation”. While they are watching the video unfold and squealing with surprise and delight…..you bring out the champagne you have ready to serve. This way everyone gets to watch the ceremony and hear your vows as if they were there and have a celebratory toast with you.
  3. Just wear your wedding bands! Say nothing and wait for people to notice. This way you get personal reactions and congratulatory hugs over and over as people notice.
  4. Plan a Barbeque or get together with no particular reason for it.  Then you can decorate for a wedding affair to surprise everyone when they arrive. You can have wedding cake and a champagne toast. You can show your video on a big screen, or you can even do a vow renewal if you wish to hire an officiant. That way everyone can see you say your vows AND you have had your intimate ceremony that you wanted at Elope Niagara’s Little Log Wedding Chapel.
  5. Photos!  Put all of your elopement wedding photos in an album to have on display at your home. Order a coffee table style album to leave out for when people are over to surprise them, or have a wall portrait on display from the wedding for people to notice. You can also use a custom photo book for signatures at any get together for people to sign.

Here’s one more fun way: We knew a couple who were in the throes of wedding planning and decided to “throw in the towel” after being fed up with the stress and expense. They decided to come to Niagara to have their elopement. Back at home their stag and doe was still organized and booked. So they kept up the facade at the Stag n Doe and once everyone was there, they dimmed the lights and had a big screen ready to play the video of their ceremony. “SURPRISE! we already did it” Wow, how much fun would that be?

A word of caution: If you are planning a surprise elopement with just a few friends or family:  Make sure each of those people is sworn to secrecy. Our experience has been that when one other person knows about your elopement plans, there is a risk of everyone finding out and guilt you into changing your plans.

A wedding should be the couple’s special day, exactly how they would wish it to be and no-one else’s.

Come to Niagara to Elope and let us help you with a one stop shop/stress-free/intimate wedding of your dreams.

Announcing your surprise elopement, can be just as fun as eloping, elopement is the way to go if you want an intimate wedding

Have the wedding of your dreams at Elope Niagara & have fun sharing your news


ABOUT US:  Elope Niagara’s Little Log Wedding Chapel is the creation of Kim and Kathy, both professional photographers in the Niagara area for 25 years. From a drawing on a paper napkin to its fruition this wedding chapel was designed and built with a lot of love. Based on small wedding customer’s feedback throughout the years, the chapel is 104 sq. ft. of cute, cozy and quaint. It is equipped with air conditioning, heat and has indoor/outdoor privacy located on a log home country waterfront setting just 10 minutes from the busy city of Niagara Falls. With over 25 years’ experience in the Niagara wedding industry Kim and Kathy strive to provide stress-free one stop shopping including intimate wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, wedding photography with props on site, and many add-ons available.

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