Another couple met by chance or was it? An Orangeville, ON couple gets married!

sharing a smile and a laugh at Elope Niagara's little log wedding chapel has never looked so beautiful

Another couple met by chance or was it? An Orangeville, ON couple gets married!

Tim and Cindy were so much in love and so happy to be getting married at our little chapel on a beautiful autumn day. Cindy was so nervous at first that she was actually feeling faint. We watched as Tim seemed to know exactly what to say and what to do to comfort her. He re-assured her they will get through this together and he will be there for her today and always. We very much enjoyed seeing this couple blend into one and hearing their love story.

We love to hear the story behind how each of our couples met, and this couple had a very chance meeting. They met in a busy line up of people at the cashier of a liquor store. Tim patiently waited in line, and moved over to let one person in line and turned to look at Cindy and poof it was an instant connection as their eyes locked. They struck up a conversation and exchanged numbers and the rest is history! Love always works in mysterious ways, they both rarely go into that store, nor was either looking for love. It was a split second decision for each of them to be in that store, but the universe had another plan. Did fate have a role in this chance meeting, perhaps there a cosmic force that arranges these things for each of us – something very cool to think about!

We hear stories like this all the time from the couples who honour us by choosing our little log chapel. We think there’s a cosmic force that draws couples to our chapel and we get to meet them! Call it fate, happenstance, kismet, serendipity or destiny, it all ends in LOVE.



ABOUT US: Elope Niagara’s Little Log Wedding Chapel is the creation of Kim and Kathy, both professional photographers in the Niagara area for 25 years. From a drawing on a paper napkin to its fruition this wedding chapel was designed and built with a lot of love. Based on small wedding customer’s feedback throughout the years, the chapel is 104 sq. ft. of cute, cozy and quaint. It is equipped with air conditioning, heat and has indoor/outdoor privacy located on a log home country waterfront setting just 10 minutes from the busy city of Niagara Falls. With over 25 years’ experience in the Niagara wedding industry Kim and Kathy strive to provide stress-free one stop shopping including intimate wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, wedding photography with props on site, and many add-ons available.

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