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Honestly, all of our couples have wonderful stories, whether it be their jobs, their travels or their creativity – our couples are SO talented! Our lovely couple, Debbie & Chris got married at the chapel in September, 2015. Debbie is a makeup artist and also blogs about cosmetics at Cosmetics Counsel (…I totally got some neat tips from her!). She wrote a special blog about her wedding and highlighted Elope Niagara and her experience and a few photos.  Please check her Blog post

Here is what she blogged:

My Wedding ♡ Debbie & Chris ♡ 09 – 26 – 15 ♡ (Photo Heavy)

Hello my fellow beauty lovers!As you can already tell, this post is not beauty related! Some of you know I got married 2 months ago, and I thought I’d share a little bit about our wedding with you, and a few of my favourite photos!

When Chris and I first got engaged, I thought I had everything planned out. I knew where I wanted to have the ceremony, I knew who I wanted my bridesmaids to be, and I even knew what kind of dress I wanted and what kind of feel I wanted the whole occasion to have. Unfortunately, my location fell through as they didn’t want to allow weddings to be booked any longer with them (I’m still bitter about this) and everything changed. I spent months trying to find a new location that fit what I wanted that would be within our measly budget. I was stressed out, unhappy and felt like I simply could not deal with the planning process. Because my mother is no longer in my life, and my sister is busy with tiny babies running around, I was pretty much trying to do everything alone and it got to be very overwhelming.

I ended up typing in “stress free wedding Ontario” and up popped Elope Niagara, the answer to all my problems! Chris and I got married here on September 26th, 2015 – almost 2 months ago now! We didn’t have to worry about anything. We, along with our parents and siblings, spent a weekend in Niagara Falls, and all we had to worry about for the wedding was what we wanted to look like, and remembering to bring our rings and marriage license. How can you get any less stress free than that?! It was basically like we got married in a courthouse, only the location was magical and it included a photography package.

The Dress

I need to start this one out with an apology, because the Etsy shop where I got my dress is no longer in existence. The woman who ran it closed her Etsy shop and moved to a new website, which I can’t seem to find for the life of me. Her name was Kim, and the Etsy shop was “misdress.” If you really love the dress though and want something similar, I’d suggest typing in “v neck vintage tea length wedding dress” into google, and tons will come up – even other sites that sell this dress design, I just can’t guarentee it will be made with the same quality.

I know, this is not the best photo in the world – it’s just me being silly after we got married but I liked how this picture showed the details of the dress so that’s why I’m sharing it with you. I wanted something vintage inspired, tea length, lacy and pretty and I got exactly what I wanted. My dress was ordered from China with custom measurements, and it turned out perfectly. The quality is amazing, it’s so well made and I have absolutely no regrets – and I only spent just under $400 total – it would have been cheaper if I weren’t plus size.

The Flowers

I ordered my bouquet from EcoFlower on Etsy, but they also have a regular website as well.  Ecoflower uses sustainable and recycled materials to create the most gorgeous bouquets that you can also get scented. They are flowers that you can keep forever, and they are simply gorgeous. I did have a tiny issue with damage during shipping, which was quickly dealt with and I was sent a new bouqet. These worked out great for me and enhanced my photos beautifully!

The Rings 


My rings are a set from Diamond Nexus. It is a diamond simulant, much more affordable and nobody can tell the difference – they’re beautiful and durable – I’ve been wearing my engagement ring for a year and a half with no issues. They have amazing customer service and will answer your questions in a chat on the website quickly. They also offer a “ring spa day” which includes cleaning and checking your ring which I took full advantage of a few months before the wedding. I can’t remember where I got Chris’s ring from, but nobody cares about that anyway – I must say, it is so much easier to find affordable men’s wedding bands than it is women’s!

The Location

Like I mentioned, the location was magical. This little log chapel is tucked away in a residential area in Fort Erie, Ontario. It is on the water, outdoor, and adorable. I really loved the set up, and the simplicity of it all. The chapel is run by two ladies, Kim and Kathy, who own a photography business together and have worked together for years. They put me at ease instantly, and were great to work with! The flooring and door of the chapel are original from a 60 year old cottage that was previously on the property. The props and decorations are rustic and cute, and exactly the kind of feel I was looking for.

 Photo Credit: Elope Niagara 
My Favourite Photos 
 All photos by Elope Niagara
I hope you guys enjoyed a look into our whole wedding experience! I wish I would have better documented my hair and makeup process on the day of – but getting ready was actually pretty rushed, and I kept things simple. Here’s the best picture where you can see my hair, and makeup, just in case you’re interested.
Photo Credit: Elope Niagara

Makeup Highlights

  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
  • Kiss Lashes in #11
  • Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty
  • Becca by Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop 
 Photo Credit: Elope Niagara
I did my own hair using a tutorial on YouTube by The Small Things Blog  (click the link for the tutorial!)
After all is said and done, I don’t regret any of my wedding choices and it was a great day and a great experience on the whole! It feels great to finally be married after almost 8 years dating!
Thanks for reading, I know this was a different kind of post but I hope it was interesting!
– xo –
Debbie (CosmeticsCounsel)

ABOUT US: Elope Niagara’s Little Log Wedding Chapel is the creation of Kim and Kathy, both professional photographers in the Niagara area for 25 years. From a drawing on a paper napkin to its fruition this wedding chapel was designed and built with a lot of love. Based on small wedding customer’s feedback throughout the years, the chapel is 104 sq. ft. of cute, cozy and quaint. It is equipped with air conditioning, heat and has indoor/outdoor privacy located on a log home country waterfront setting just 10 minutes from the busy city of Niagara Falls. With over 25 years’ experience in the Niagara wedding industry Kim and Kathy strive to provide stress-free one stop shopping including intimate wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, wedding photography with props on site, and many add-ons available.

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