Include your loved ones in your Elope Niagara wedding


5 ways to include loved ones (no longer with us) in your wedding

As a busy wedding chapel here in Niagara, we see so many different ways that a couple can honour their loved ones who are no longer with us. We truly believe that when you are close to someone you lose, they never really leave you. It is comforting to have a memento with you especially on one of the most important days of your life –your wedding.

Here are a few ways your loved one can be a part of your wedding:

1) Photos – there are many ways photos of the one(s) you have lost can be incorporated into your wedding. A photo can be on display in the church or chapel during the ceremony and can be used later to pose the couple with. You can create a corsage with the photo inside. Photos can be inside a locket or on display on a bouquet pin.

2) A piece of their jewelry- you can wear a piece of jewelry that your loved one used to wear, a ring can be re-created which we have seen many times. Diamonds from mom’s engagement ring can be incorporated into the new bride’s ring. Gold or silver can be melted down from dads ring and used to create the groom’s new ring. Of course necklaces and bracelets can be worn and grandpa’s pocket watch can be a part of the groom’s suit.

3) Something wrapped into the bouquet – a necklace can be wrapped around the handle of the bouquet, brooches can be pinned to the bouquet in the flowers or on the handle. A hanker-chief can be used. Butterfly’s or birds showing or hidden inside the bouquet to represent those who have moved on but show themselves in different forms is popular.

4) Tattoo’s – a tattoo is a very common way to honour a loved one and a photo of the tattoo can be part of the wedding album. If the tattoo is on the bride, the dress can be purchased with displaying the tattoo in mind.

5) Sweater Pillow: this is the most unique memento we have seen! Grandpa’s favourite sweater was sewn into a pillow and the couple brought the pillow with them to the ceremony and as well included in a couple of photos.




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