5 Mistakes To Avoid When Eloping


5 Mistakes To Avoid When Eloping

With the cost and hassle of weddings, many couples are opting for an elopement wedding. The mystery and romance of eloping to somewhere like Niagara are perfect for the couple who want their special day to be just for them.

As wonderful as this sounds, they still require some effort and there are common mistakes that you do not want to make. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when eloping.

Legal stuff:

If you are going to a different country, or even a different province other than Ontario, you do not know the laws and requirements in that location for marriage. You may get there (with a limited schedule) and find that you have things to do before the ceremony can take place.

In order to be married legally in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, you need a marriage license which is obtainable at any city hall in Ontario, and is valid for 3 months. If travelling from any city in Ontario you can get the license at your own city hall and bring it with you. If travelling from out of the province or country, apply for the license on line ahead of time at the city of Niagara Falls web site, then plan to be in the city one full working day before your wedding date to leave time to pick up the license.

Also, be sure to see if you need a passport to cross into the country.


This is the most common elopement mistake, couples grab a bag and head for the airport. Their focus is on getting to their destination and having their own little wedding. But if you do not make a plan and book ahead, you could arrive and have no venue with availability (eloping on the weekends is very popular in most wedding destinations).

A local wedding planner will probably give you a great deal on taking care of the details for you. You do not know who to call to officiate the service; There is no photographer; You may not even know where to buy your bouquet. Even though you are doing the basics, make sure you plan for the basics. The wedding chapel you book can help you with your arrangements as well.

The Wedding Gown:

This is a very common mistake and one that haunts brides for the rest of their lives. Just because you are not having a wedding, does not mean that you do not need your special wedding gown. This is a special event in your life and you will never get this day back. Do not give up your gown.

Order the gown of your dreams and take it with you. Order the special flowers you always wanted. Download the music you want on your phone and pop in a speaker, make this wedding yours. You will always regret it if you do not.


Hire a videographer to record the wedding. You can share it with your friends and family when you return. This is a great thing to do at a reception dinner after the wedding. You might consider live-streaming the wedding with your laptop as well, so special people can experience your wedding first hand, even from afar.

No Punishment:

Couples sometimes feel hesitant to have wedding showers, Wedding/honeymoon registries, and events created to wish them well as they cross into a new chapter in life. Just because you did not have a big wedding, does not mean that you cannot have a reception for the family when you return. Set up your Plumfund account and let your friends and family know what gifts you would like. Elopement is not a crime and no punishment is required.

Be sure to send out wedding announcements when you return and do not feel that you have to apologize for your choices. Be understanding of their disappointment, but not guilty. It is your wedding and your choice, so be happy with it.



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