Getting Married During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Stage 2 Covid-19 Pandemic Weddings at Elope Niagara

As Ontario opens our economy, there are still questions about how safe it is to gather and celebrate weddings. Just because the Government is allowing more businesses to open with specific limitations, does not mean that we are going to rush out and frequent our favourite restaurants, start attending festivals and concerts or congregating in the ways that we used to.

Of particular interest for anyone thinking about getting Married during Phase 2 is that we are encouraged to limit our celebrations to a “Circle of 10″. What that means is if you are getting married or doing any other social event during the Covid-19 pandemic, you should be well acquainted with the 10 people in attendance. That is so should anyone fall ill, it is a simple matter to identify and warn those of the possibility of infection.

What it does not mean is that you can be with any group of “10”. It does not mean you can play pick up basketball in the morning, have a wedding with 10 people in the afternoon and join a solstice beach party in the evening. It does not mean a “Random” circle of 10.

It does means that in that circle of 10 you still practice social distancing, do not attend if you have symptoms or have traveled and wear personal protective equipment to protect those around you.

Elope Niagara has the perfect mix of elements to ensure that your civil ceremony during the covid 19 outbreak is as safe as possible and yet as memorable and beautiful as it ought to be. Our beautiful grounds serve as a safe backdrop for your wedding pictures. Being out of doors in a group of 10 is far safer than being indoors.

Finding officiants who are performing weddings during Covid-19 can be difficult. At Elope Niagara we are the officiants doing the wedding so there is at least one less “stranger” at your wedding.

If eloping during Covid-19 is in your plans you can opt for our drive-through wedding, which further reduces the possibility of becoming ill. As you can see, Covid-19 weddings do not need to be stressful and you can rest assured that our grounds and facilities are clean and sanitized for your protection.

Elope Niagara’s wedding venue has always been perfect for a 10-person wedding, we have had many happy endings over the years. Now more than ever it makes sense to have a Covid-19 wedding or a Covid-19 elopement with the professionals who have been making couples’ memories beautiful, one 10-person wedding at a time.



ABOUT US: Elope Niagara’s Little Log Wedding Chapel is the creation of Kim and Kathy, both professional photographers in the Niagara area for 25 years. From a drawing on a paper napkin to its fruition this wedding chapel was designed and built with a lot of love. Based on small wedding customer’s feedback throughout the years, the chapel is 104 sq. ft. of cute, cozy and quaint. It is equipped with air conditioning, heat and has indoor/outdoor privacy located on a log home country waterfront setting just 10 minutes from the busy city of Niagara Falls. With over 25 years’ experience in the Niagara wedding industry Kim and Kathy strive to provide stress-free one stop shopping including intimate wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, wedding photography with props on site, and many add-ons available.

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